One of the first cruise meets I got to attend whilst on tour with the AC Promotions gang was the famous Friday night session at Bob’s Big Boy Burgers in Burbank, California.

_JLL5876 a sm

_JLL5805 sm

_JLL5818 sm

_JLL5826 sm

_JLL5891a sm

_JLL5906 a sm

_JLL5910 a sm

_JLL5972 sm

_JLL5894 a sm

_JLL5884 a sm

_JLL5931 a sm

_JLL5926 a sm

_JLL5840 sm

_JLL5846 sm

Every Friday afternoon, a heap of car enthusiasts cruise into the rear car park looking for prime spots at Bob’s. When we arrived, the sun was slowly setting. The colours of the cars were bouncing and the atmosphere was starting to build.

_JLL6182 a sm

_JLL6147 a sm

_JLL6093 A sm

_JLL6032 a sm

_JLL6080 a sm

_JLL6368 a sm

_JLL6290 a sm

_JLL6185 a sm

_JLL6413 a sm

_JLL6396 a sm

_JLL6381 a sm

_JLL6376 a sm

Bob’s is the place to be for car guys and girls on Friday nights, there is no mistake about that. People say, “It’s American Grafitti come to life.” and I would have to agree.

_JLL6776 a sm

_JLL6741 a sm

_JLL6569 a sm

_JLL6912 a sm

_JLL6818 a sm

_JLL6527 a sm

_JLL6731 a sm

_JLL6393 a sm

_JLL6473 a sm

_JLL6179 a sm

_JLL5915 A sm

The variety of styles that rolled onto the warm pavement were practically endless and the quality, well, there were some super-nice cars. A few standouts were on show too – a sweet ’55 Gasser caught my eye instantly. It was perfect,  a real ‘period correct’ machine.

_JLL6192 a sm

_JLL6199 a sm

_JLL6197 a sm

_JLL6196 a sm

_JLL6193 a sm

_JLL6262 a sm

_JLL6696 a sm

_JLL6703 a sm

I am not really a fan of standard cars, but when a sublime Corvette rolled in through the beams of sunlight, I was an instant fan. It was a neat-looking ride for sure.

_JLL6017 a sm

_JLL6014 a sm

_JLL6122 a sm

_JLL6123 a sm

_JLL6114 a sm

On a Euro-note, a Porsche Spyder arrived to the pleasure of several members on our tour. The owner was more than happy to show it off for the passers-by and my camera of course.

_JLL6136 sm

_JLL6058 a sm

_JLL6078 a sm

_JLL6062 a sm

_JLL6065 a sm

_JLL6061 a sm

_JLL6067 a sm

_JLL6071 a sm

_JLL6072 a sm

_JLL6057 a sm

_JLL6584 sm

When it came to wild, it didn’t get much better than a retina-searing ’67 Ford Brono that was bathed in a bright, bright yellow. Riding high on a massive set of wheels and rocking a heap of suspension mods – the machine was a beast. On closer inspection, the rear bed was filled with a show-quality, Honda mini-bike.

_JLL5967 a sm

_JLL5962 a sm

_JLL6049 a sm

_JLL6092 a sm

_JLL6096 a sm

The owner of the ride would have been in his seventies and he wasn’t the only mature gentleman there, the car park was filled with blokes acting much younger than their looks. It was awesome. I hope I am doing the same when I get to that point.

_JLL6451 a sm

_JLL6564 a sm

_JLL6169 a sm

_JLL6138 a sm

_JLL6109 a sm

_JLL6330 a sm

_JLL6551 a sm

_JLL6275 a sm

_JLL6285 a sm

_JLL6259 a sm_JLL5984 a sm

_JLL5867 a sm

_JLL6611 sm

_JLL6582 a sm

_JLL6575 sm

_JLL6863 a sm

Another Tri-Five Chevy that caught my eye was an epic Pro Street ’56 that was rocking a massive set of rear treads and a BDS huffer up front. It was a good-looking machine that had plenty of admirers.

_JLL5852 sm

_JLL5862 a sm

_JLL5849 a sm

_JLL6610 sm

All the way from Australia, yes, you read that right, was the flamed-Ford from the boys at the Rogue Rod Shop in Melbourne. The blokes had been travelling around the States soaking up the sun and the sights.

_JLL5769 sm.jpg

An unexpected machine to come through later in the evening was a modified Volvo wagon, slammed on some BBS wheels. What made the old Euro even cooler, was the fact it was owned by a young girl in her twenties.

_JLL6493 a sm

_JLL6513 sm

_JLL6498 sm

_JLL6504 a sm.jpg

Weekly cars shows are a  real slice of Americana and you will never know who or what you’re going to see. Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Beach Boys shows up regularly, as does Jay Leno. Some of the cars that arrive are from magazines and are built by some of the best shops on the planet.

_JLL6772 a sm

_JLL6754 a sm

_JLL6746 a sm

_JLL6651 a sm

_JLL6635 a sm

_JLL6621 a sm

_JLL6600 a sm

_JLL6629 a sm

_JLL6588 sm

_JLL6643 a sm

_JLL6536 a sm

_JLL6354 a sm_JLL6342 a sm

_JLL6306 a sm

_JLL6224 a sm

_JLL6252 a sm

_JLL6155 a sm

_JLL6008 a sm

If you want the chance to experience the Bob’s Big Boy phenomena, sign up for the next tour with the guys from AC Promotions:


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