With the weather in fine form today, I decided to step out and into the sunshine to have a gander over some cars at the All Ford Day held at the Bassendean oval.

Over 500 cars packed the infield and the colours and action looked great through my Nikon viewfinder.








I only grabbed a handful of images as I roamed around the oval, stopping to talk to friends and handout the odd flyer. I wanted a relaxed day, so there wasn’t my usual rushing around – which was a nice change.









A few cars caught my attention and for various reasons.

This blue Escort was a real standout for me. A full-blown racecar, that wears rego plates. The car has competed in Targa Tasmania and gets driven with a real purpose.





Another Escort, was practically a polar opposite to the blue example. After a 14-year build, this slammed beauty finally got to see the light of day completed. The car was at the show two years ago in primer and minus an interior. The owner had only just finalised the last few touches this week.











A car that always gets praise from me is this stunning Mercury. This machine is super-clean and wears one of the best panel and paint jobs in the state. Kudos to the owner and the people responsible for that amazing body.





It was a refreshing change to see a six-cylinder donk in an old Falcon coupe, rather than a V8 conversion. The silver paint tied in nicely with the detailed bay, clean interior and fabulous choice of wheels.





Right near that gorgeous Falcon coupe was an old XW looking a little worse for wear. It was drawing quite a crowd though for people in the know. Under the bonnet was a modified, turbocharged Barra motor. The patina outer was a great contrast to the modern heartbeat.













Fully engineered and licensed, this Cortina was the pride and joy of a mature driver. In the hands of some young blood, I reckon it would be living a much different life.













This Galaxie wagon was pretty damn kool – rocking big diameter billets, a big motor and big audio, the car was all about being BIG!




























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