UBC was like nothing Perth has ever seen before with over ten hours of burnouts, yep, you read that right, ten hours of tyre-shredding, rod-throwing, heart-pounding action on the Motorplex pad. There was never a dull moment all day.

The brainchild of two skid-legends – Clint Ogilvie and Stephen Loader, the UBC events are one of the most hotly-contested shows in the country and with a Burnout Masters ‘Golden Ticket’ attached to the win in WA, it was no wonder that 5 trucks from over-east headed to the Golden State to battle it out with the best from the West.

U_47.jpgLisa Howie is a hit with kids and the adults alike thanks to the ‘Frozen’ paint scheme and coloured smoke

Unlike other comps, UBC is about giving the most back to the drivers, allowing them two chances to make it into the Top 25 Overall cars. The finalists are the highest point-scorers from the N/A class and the blown class. It makes for interesting viewing come finals time.

Darren Triffet must love skids because he came all the way from Tasmania. He scored 9th place out of the Top 25 for his efforts

With the crowds building all day, the night time finals were well and truly going to be something else. It is amazing what a big crowd, big-name drivers and big prize-money can do to a drivers psyche. Some blokes crumbled and some rose from the smoke and disaster around them.

Paul Settatree’s mates loved their time on the pad

At the end of a massive day, it was Ryan Pearson in HOLDON who had done just enough to outdrive, outsmoke and just plain outdo the locals Anthony Page and Matt James.

Ryan Pearson dominated all day and took the win at the end of the night

After witnessing what UBC has to offer at the Perth Motorplex it is no wonder that the drivers and fans are all screaming for the circus to come back to town and ASAP.

Andrew Kerr’s R8 looks the part cloaked in tyre smoke

Individual Results

N/A Top 3
1st Andrew Lynch (LYNCHY)
2nd Aiden Leist (JOYRDE)
3rd Jason Fletcha (RUCKUS)

Blown Top 3
1st Rick Fuller (LSONE)
2nd Ryan Pearson (HOLDON)
3rd Paul Cook (BLOWN VC)

TOP 10 from the Overall Top 25
1st Ryan Pearson (HOLDON)
2nd Anthony Page (PAGEY)
3RD Matt James (COMPACT)
4th Jake Myers (SICKO)
5th Jack Seaman (LOOSEQ)
6th Darryl Ferguson (SMOKINRAT)
7th Michael Pratten (SPASTIC)
8th Brendan Coleman (PHAT-E) Falcon
9th Darren Triffet (INJECTED)
10th Jamie Cato (BATTLER)



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