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The team at Youngs Performance in WA needed some new promo images for an advertising campaign and social media content so they gave me a call. The images were to showcase their involvement with Harrop and to highlight the work they are now doing with the new Mustangs too. I headed out with my trusty Nikon D810 camera and got to work!

Luke and Ray gave me a few hours to grab some light-painted shots one evening and they came up a treat. The guys were stoked with what I produced. These are just a sample.

If you want to know more about Youngs Performance WA or Harrop products checkout their Facebook page:

If you or a business that you know are chasing any sort of photography work please get in contact with and I can discuss pricing and concepts.

H_2 EDIT V2 upload

H_4 EDIT COMPLETE uploadH_3 EDIT v3 upload


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