SILVER BULLET – 1970 XW Falcon

As tough as they come!

Ben Schramm’s 1970 XW Falcon packs an E85-fuelled 451ci Dart motor, which features JE Pistons, Molnar rods, a Camtech cam and Higgins race heads. A Quickfuel carb and a 250-shot nitrous plate system live up the top.


Behind the donk is a Powerglide ‘box with a transbrake and a 5500rpm convertor. A nine-inch diff with 31-spline axles and a Truetrac centre lives out the back.



The car has made 695hp on the dyno and a solid 850hp on the gas.

RNT_11 jl

RNT_9 jl
The car was featured in the May issue of Street Machine 2020.


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